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Last Update: May 2017

Selected portions of the book, PROCESSES IN BIOLOGICAL VISION are available here for downloading and review. The author would appreciate any comments concerning this material. If the reader has a specific interest in a portion not yet available, please send a comment to that effect and arrangements can be made.

Because of inquiries, a Beta-release CD-ROM has been prepared of the entire text, PROCESSES IN BIOLOGICAL VISION (2400 pages, ~800 figures, ~1000 references). The most recent CD-ROM is dated 1 June 09 and represents a significant update over the material on the site. Also, a 190 page tutorial, BIOLOGICAL VISION: A 21ST CENTURY TUTORIAL, has recently been published that summarizes the material. It is ideal as a study guide to the complete text and is available by clicking here. A special offer is available for both the Tutorial and the CDROM in the VISION CONCEPTS STORE .

The following files are made available for downloading in .PDF (portable document format) for two reasons:

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File TitleSize of File
The complete GLOSSARY 355 KB
The Standardized Human Eye73 KB
The complete Photoexcitation/De-excitation Equation Pending


Some figures have been omitted from Chapters 4, 10 Part I & 17 to minimize file size
References are provided and the complete Chapters are on the CD-ROM (below)
File TitleSize of FileStatus of file
Chapter 1, Introduction and Phylogenic Tree of Vision3,800 KB Complete
Chapter 2, Environment, coordinates and First Order Operation5,220 KBComplete
Chapter 3, Description of the Retina6,700 KBComplete
Chapter 4, Description of the Photoreceptor Cell8,360 KBComplete
Chapter 4, addend, Micrographs supporting Chapter 4 text3,600 KBComplete
Chapter 5, Photochemistry of the Visual Process3,600 KBComplete
Chapter 6, Static Test Data related to the Visual Process1,328 KBComplete
Chapter 7, Dynamics of the Visual Process6,425 KBComplete
Chapter 8, Electrochemistry of the Neuron3,655 KBComplete
Chapter 9, Cytology & Topology of Complex Neurons    1,072 KBComplete
Chapter 10 Part I, Morphology of Neurons    5,822 KBDraft
Chapter 10 Part II, Electrophysiology of Neurons    1,982 KBComplete
Chapter 11, Modeling of Biological phenomena2,570 KBComplete
Chapter 12, Primary Signal Processing850 KBComplete
Chapter 13, Secondary Signal Processing.    1,900 KBSome editing required
Chapter 14, Tertiary Signal Processing.4,136 KBEditing in progress
Chapter 15 Part I, Higher (cortical) Signal Processing, to Section 15.4.65,200 KBSome figs. missing
Chapter 15 Part II, Higher (cortical) Signal Processing, Section 15.4.7 to end.3,947 KBSome figs. missing
Chapter 16, Equations of the Visual Process.1,983 KBUnder revision
Chapter 17, Performance Descriptors of Vision. THIS CHAPTER HAS BEEN DIVIDED INTO THREE PARTS

----PART IA: Lumin. & New Chromaticity Diagram, to Section 17.3.3
5,347 KBComplete
----PART IB:Extensions to New Chromaticity & Comparisons , 17.3.4 to 17.4.34,325 KBComplete
----PART II: Temporal & Spatial Descriptors, Section 17.4.7 to end4,050 KBComplete
Chapter 18, Visual Abnormalities in Man13,385 KBComplete
Chapter 19, How Humans Read & Recognize Objects (including faces). 5,550 KBDraft
Chapter 20, Alternate Theories of Human Vision. 769 KBDraft


File TitleSize of File Status of File
Append F, the RHODONINE Chromophores. 500 KBFinal draft


File TitleSize of File File Type
Rhodonine(5), The long wavelength chromophore. 3 KBA Jmol file
Rhodonine(7), The medium wavelength chromophore. 3 KBA Jmol file
Rhodonine(9), The short wavelength chromophore. 3 KBA Jmol file
Rhodonine(11), The ultraviolet wavelength chromophore. 3 KBA Jmol file

Beta-release CD-ROM is available

Because of the size of some of the above files, some readers may not be able to download the material efficiently from the website. In addition, the current draft of the text has become encyclopedic. It contains a large amount of material in color and many discussions on specific topics that may not be included in the printed text when released.

In response to requests to solve the above problems, a Beta-release version of the complete text (2400 pages, ~800 figures, ~1000 references) has been prepared, in PDF format. It is available in the VISION CONCEPTS Store.