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A tutorial of 190 pages (6" x 9") drawn from, and acting as a guide to, PROCESSES IN BIOLOGICAL VISION (See Below). Summarizes the material found in that work. Contains 52 figures (five in color), Table of Contents, Index and References to detailed discussions in the broader work. For complete Table of Contents and target audience,Click Here
James T. Fulton                  In Stock


A beta release of this comprehensive source book (2400 pages, ~800 figures, ~ 1000 references to the literature)  has been released on CDROM, in PDF format. Over 100 of the figures are in color. The work addresses all aspects of the visual process and provides a phylogenic tree applicable to all animals. The beta release includes a table of contents and an index for each chapter. The CDROM also contains an extensive GLOSSARY, a new tabulation of the human STANDARD EYE, selected pages from the website, and other background material.
James T. Fulton                  In Stock

NewStar (2K)

Tutorial and CDROM combined as E-BOOK

An E-Book containing BIOLOGICAL VISION: A 21st CENTURY TUTORIAL and "PROCESSES IN BIOLOGICAL VISION" at an attractive price.   The same material as described above (except more color in the tutorial) in a 95 MB Zip file.   Takes only a few minutes to download depending on your internet service.   JavaScript must be enabled on your computer.   Individual files are in PDF format suitable for viewing on a desktop or laptop.
James T. Fulton
Available Promptly (during business hours in California)

Tutorial and CDROM combined by mail

A soft cover copy of BIOLOGICAL VISION: A 21ST CENTURY TUTORIAL and the beta release of PROCESSES IN BIOLGICAL VISION on CDROM at an attractive price.
James T. Fulton                  In Stock

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