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This page provides links to a variety of other sites according to category. The categories attempt to group the sites by area of interest and level of applicability to research.

General interest
Specific research focus
Practical and medical aspects of vision
Machine Vision
Terminology and Dictionaries
Commercial instrumentation
Standards organizations

Illusiions of specific interest to children


There are a large number of additional sites on the World Wide Web. Many of these are only lecture notes provided by an instructor or transcribed by a student for use in an entry level course containing a section on vision. Some are more specific short papers discussing a specific facet of vision and relying on a "floating model". Both of these classes generally quote the conventional wisdom related to vision. Such sites are not included here.

Sites of general interest

Munsell Color Lab. at the University of Rochester, NY.

The Color Vision Laboratory in the Psychology Department of the University of California, Irvine.

Extensive references and figures provided by Earl F. Glynn II of Overland Park Kansas. All based on conventional wisdom.

Stephen F. Austin State University at Nacogdoches, Texas. Excellent site for color versions of common spectrums. Also many links, some dead, related to mathematical manipulation of color information

The Colour Group (Great Britain) An informal Society supported by the Dept. of Optometry, City University of London

The Joy of Visual Perception An introductory text by Peter Kaiser. It is being distributed via the INTERNET.

Sites with a specific research focus

Sites related to practical and medical aspects of vision

     Focused on Ophthalmology

     Focused on Continuing Education


Sites focused on Machine Vision

How to Measure Color An introductory but comprehensive pamphlet by BYK-GArdner on the measurement of color in the industrial environment.

Sites focused on Terminology and Dictionaries

These sites primarily supply definitions suitable for a general audience. Most of the entries do not provide the precision or tracability required by the researcher.

COLOR-TEC home page A commercial site with a glossary of photometric and colorimetric terms as used in the commercial field.

Sites focused on Commercial instrumentation

Standards organizations

International Organisation for Standardisation or ISO

Commission International de l'Eclairage CIE or ICI (archaic)

International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC

Inter-Society Color Council An American organization coordinating discussion in the color arena.

Illusions of specific interest to children




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