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Concerning VISION CONCEPTS and the author


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Vision Concepts is a think tank dedicated to education in the field of vision, and other sensory modalities, for both the academic and industrial markets. Its principles have been involved in vision, imaging, and image recording and reproduction for more than 30 years.

The offices of Vision Concepts are at:

1106 Sandpiper Dr.
Corona Del Mar, California, USA

Telephone: 1-949-287-2104 (in the Pacific Coast Time Zone)


Jim Fulton has been analyzing and describing the performance of the human eye for over 30 years primarily for the military and industrial vision markets. He first compared the human eye with photographic film and television techniques in the 1960's when he showed the ultimate limitations of film compared to the eye and television. At that time, he also showed that television techniques would soon approach the animal visual system in ultimate sensitivity at a given angular resolution in object space. This parity has now occurred at a quantum efficiency in both systems exceeding 85% under operational conditions.

Mr. Fulton also was one of the first to show that the granular noise in processed photographic film images was actually due to photon (quantum mechanical) noise in the exposing light. In this work, he shows that photon noise is a significant limitation in the performance of the animal eye under both scotopic and mesopic illumination conditions.

Mr. Fulton is a generalist with a strong academic background in a wide variety of disciplines found in the visual system of animals. The variety in his Patent awards, as well as the variety of his industrial positions, speaks to this diversity of interests and capabilities. His complete Resume is available on this site.