Visual Snow Survey for 2018-2019

James T. Fulton

The Visual Snow Survey for the 2018-2019 has been completed and the data collection process is now closed.

Approximately 700 people responded to the survey initially, and after some people without a clear case of VS withdrew,
over 350 completed the survey. This is an exceptionally high percentage for any survey.

The results of this 2nd survey and an analysis of the collected data is available on this website at
Visual Snow Report 2018.

During the survey, the most important findings were;
1. The finding of a likely genetic link between VS and the maternal line DNA, mtDNA.
2. The deviant mtDNA may include both a propensity component and an earliest active date component for VS.
3. The finding that recreational drug use among the 18-30 yr cohort was not a dominant cause of VS.
4. The recognition that recreational drug use is a sensitive subject, and many chose not to respond to Q11,
5. The finding that VS is not a progressive disease; alternately, no one reported the cessation of VS
. 6. The evidence showing VS is a physiological, and not a psychotic disease; a hardware, not a software problem.

James T. (Jim) Fulton
Director of Research
Neural Concepts
Newport Beach, California